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Everything you need to get your site documented online.

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Getting Started


Technojs is designed to share skills, knowledge, information and experiences on anything. It has been redesigned from scratch with more security and features.


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Version Release
Technojs_78H1_I (Jestha) May 24, 2021
Technojs_78H1_II (Ashar) June 11, 2021
Technojs_78H1_III (Shrawan) August 14, 2021
Technojs_78H2_Poush December 20, 2021
Technojs_79H1_Baisakh May 9, 2022
Technojs_79H2_Falgun March 4, 2023
Technojs_79H2_Patch_80.8.6 November 22, 2023


At the top of each page, we have a header that contains the site logo, some navigation links, a search bar and account information.

Then, we have two columns in the middle of the page that contain main content, most popular posts, recently added posts, YouTube channels and our social links. From the new colorful digital clock, memory game, tic tac toe game, currency converter and simple calculator, everything is deliberately designed to put you in control and bring a sense of calm and ease.

And, we have a footer at the bottom of every page that contains the additional information you need on our site. Like other websites, we have utility links to interact with you. For example: contact information, privacy policy, FAQs, terms of use and copyright information.


Download resources are available on the respective page. You have to wait 60 seconds before downloading anything. The timer looks like this.


Creator's, Editor's, Moderator's and Admin's play an important role in publishing any content. Each post and article published only after approval by an administrator (Admin).

User Account


Your position is determined by your activities, progress achieved and task completed. For the higher position, Contact us.


By default, your account is permanently disabled for security purposes. Once, you verify your email address, it will be enabled automatically.


We have divided the user position into eight different stages based on their role and work.

Quick generated account for commenting purposes only.
The first entry point of any user on the site.
You must verify your email address.
Create new post, article, blog, etc.
Rights to edit post if something goes wrong.
Management of creator stuff like posts, comments, categories, advertisement, and so on.
Handle user roles, permissions, positions, and post resources.
Used by the administrator for super rights, if needed.


Each position has its own criteria for you to synchronize. Here are some minimum standards to stabilize your position.

  • As you register your account from the site's registration page, you become a guest. But if you create an account through the comment form, you are a commenter.
  • Commenter's can continue their session from the comment section while other users are completely required to sign into their account through login page towards the dashboard.
  • Both commenter and guest users are fully eligible to view their profile and be members of our site.
  • To become a member of our site you must verify your email address
  • Each member will be offered a creator role via email address once we agree with you. We may ask you some questions like your country, address, contact, social media, etc to trust you.
  • After becoming a creator, the first month will be your trial month, so during this period you will have to publish four posts to stabilize your position. After that, you should continue to publish posts and gradually we will force you to publish two or more posts weekly, leading up to a year. Once you complete one year of being a creator, you are qualified for next position. You should not stop publishing a post even if you qualify for another position, it goes forever.
  • It will be a bonus for you if a post or article is more liked or popular by the audience. We are also planning to give you some reward or equivalent because we respect your creativity.
  • Next position is the editor. We designed this stage as a challenge because it comes up rarely. If any post content is rejected for approval or need further improvement, you are assigned as the editor of that post. Your jobs are to resolve those issues and get them fully approved by the admin. Likewise, after one year of appointing you as editor, we will offer you for next position.
  • Bonus for you, if a post you were assigned as an editor is being deleted or the author of that post is being demoted from the Creator position then you will be named as the creator of that post because we respect your hard work.
  • Moderator is our next position. We named it as the backbone of the site because it controls the content of the creators with the help of the editor and sends it to the admin for approval. Just as humans have benefits in their spine, so we do as well because they controls the quality, visibility, authority and revenue of our posts.
  • The moderator's task didn't end here. They have flexible access to create new categories because it is our duty to manage creator content.
  • Before the last, Admin position. We made it a point of approval because every post and category should be checked and tested to show how genuine it is before being publishing. Also, an admin's job is to manage roles and permissions for users.
  • At last, No one can be in the position of system but we have made it a once in a lifetime opportunity. System can cooperate with our sponsors and earn money. Only admin users will be in this position but we will decide who will be.
  • Please note it, we will always be above you even you are System because we have the super power right to bring you down if you make a mistake.

Keep in mind that this isn't a complete list, we may add more in the coming days.

Core concepts


Redesigned from scratch with more security and features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Rebuild the application from the ground up.
  • A cookies consent box pops up when a new session is started.
  • Automatically detect whether the internet connection is offline or online to the browser.
  • A progress bar indicating the scroll percentage of the page.
  • Almost every page has a new colorful digital clock with user set timezone, followed by some of the posts, games, sponsors, utilities and social links.
  • Every post, category and group has been renovated to the new system.
  • Post keywords appears as a suggested list when you search for anything from the top right search box.
  • Removed user subscription based dashboard accessibilty.
  • Automatically enabled the account when the guest user verifies their email address.
  • Member position is granted when a guest user verifies their email address.
  • Dashboard access is allowed when the user position is Member.
  • Implemented Editor, Moderator, Admin task to successfully complete creator posts.
  • Added more conditional functionality to visibile any posts publicly.
  • Admin can manage user status, roles, position, and permission on posts.


Here is a list of CMS that can be created, managed, and modified.

  • Users
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Files
  • Groups
  • Sponsors
  • Resources
  • Contacts


Contact us, if you are interested in contributing to building a project with us.


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