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Countdown Timer


  1. Every second countdown timer with animation.
  2. Fully customizable to your date and time.
  3. A colorful title for your timer.
  4. Some browser default fonts for your title.
  5. Your changed values will be automatically saved in the session.
  6. The default timer is always displayed 24 hours ahead of now.
  7. Animation bar(s) will be shown when the timer has at least 1 hour left.
  8. Heartbeat timer animation will be shown when the animation bar(s) are hidden.
  9. When the timer has 10 seconds left, the heartbeat animation will stop and the ping animation will start.
  10. When any invalid date and time is entered, the default timer or "TIME UP!" message will be displayed.

URL Customization

?year=2024&month=07&date=23&hour=03&minute=18&second=21 ?title=My+Countdown+Timer ?color=ff5841 ?font_family=Times+New+Roman ?font_size=60 ?font_style=italic ?font_weight=600