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FIX - "Publisher cannot open the file" - SSH keygen

Publisher cannot open file after Secure Shell, SSH keygen command & authentication protocol as id_ed25519.pub on Microsoft Windows Operating System.

On the latest Windows Computer, you will have a built-in feature for strong connectivity between two host machines using authentication keys via networks, called SSH protocol. SSH stands for Secure Shell Protocol, which uses unique authentication keys with an encryption called SSH keys to authenticate host devices. These SSH keys are impossible for ordinary people to hack or crack, so managing these keys requires full export & technical skills. Although it looks like a traditional authentication system like username and password, also it provides a secure alternative way to authenticate between the user and host machine.

You will need the latest Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system with administrative privileges to the command prompt for ssh key generation. Once you have the access to the command prompt, simply you can run the ssh-keygen command. It stores the key by default in the "C:\users\your_pc_name\.ssh\" directory. However, this can be customized to your desired location. Also, you can define the encryption method (-t ed25519) and add a comment (-C "My SSH Key") to it by the following ways:

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "My SSH Key"

Then, you will find the id_ed25519.pub file is created in the stored directory. To open this file, just right-click on it, go to open-with, and select Notepad editor.


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