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Laravel: Let's enhance your skills

Let's change the default serve port, host address & endpoint of PHP Laravel application. Browser web address from to

Before Laravel, Have you ever tried to serve your PHP project on the localhost web address?

// index.php
  echo "It's amazing.";
php -S localhost:8080 index.php



When you run the Artisan command php artisan serve on your terminal, you will find the Laravel application on the web browser at the endpoint or http://localhost:8000Now, the questions arise what happens when the multiple Laravel application is serving on the same endpoint?

Surely, there will be only one application served on the browser among those. But here are some alternative ways that you really loved it.

  • Changing the port

    Hm! Yes, you are free to change the default serving port 8000 to 8050 (Let's say) or whatever you like.

    php artisan serve --port=8050
  • Changing the host address

    Just like the port, you are also allowed to change the served IP address on Laravel. Let's the change default host from to

    php artisan serve --host=

    Let's hit the URL on the browser. BOOM! It really works.

  • Using XAMPP Control Panel.

    HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT BEFORE? XAMPP is a free PHP development environment containing Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl distribution. It is available for all three platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

    Once you have XAMPP Control Panel on your machine, change the default apache to your Laravel project public (/public folder) directory. And then start the Apache module. BOOM! At http://localhost endpoint, you will find your Laravel application.

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